New development for schools in South Africa

SANParks helps schools in rural communities to improve education


The South African National Parks is recognized in South Africa and around the world as an institution for the preservation of animal species biodiversity, as well as reintegration projects. All of this is attracting millions of visitors every year.

Last March, the Union of SANParks officially handed over to scientific laboratory to Tlakulani Mninginisi school, a school that resides in a village near Giyani, as part of its program. The focus of this program is the development of communities living close to the national parks. This science lab aims to improve the learning of science in schools and to lift the level and quality of education, especially in rural communities.

The SANParks will continue to diversify the participation of empowered groups of people in local communities who have benefited from SANParks development programs and make a contribution to building a new and better society in South Africa.

In 2013, some similar projects have been carried out for the Mpumalanga and Limpopo.

Obviously, both educators and students were advised to use the new facilities in a responsible manner. Now they are the returns of the fruits of these new projects.