Namibia - the member of Acap

The project to save the seabirds


Namibia has become the house of conservation for Albatrosses and Petrels (ACAP). The agreement aims to conserve these birds, reducing the threats to their survival. In 2015, it was established that Namibia would become a member of ACAP.

The Albatrosses and Petrels are sea-birds, but their environment and habitat are increasingly threatened and endangered. Pollution, fishing and the introduction of breeding colonies of invasive species are among the major causes of it. They are the most common birds in the world, looking for food, but this leads to the death of thousands of them every year. The "Namibia Nature Foundation" already promotes an ecosystem approach to fisheries management with regulations to reduce the excessive killing of these birds. Furthermore, they are implementing the "Albatross Task Force" in the Namibian project, trying to help the protection of birds.

By the Hake fishing industry, about 22,000 seabirds are killed every year and this is a major threat to the survival of these species.

In November 2015, a series of preventive regulations were put in place to ensure the protection of albatrosses in Namibian waters. Now they are able to escape without becoming entangled in the nets. Another way to increase night fishing, as these birds are less active at night. We hope that Namibia will keep these rules to support a good eco-system.