Sun City

The entertainment Center


The Sun City Entertainment Center was inaugurated 35 years ago. In those days, the Entertainment Center hosted the first casinos accessible to South Africans. At the beginning of 2016, the doors have been closed for the version "reimagined" itself, which promises to be an experience of fantastic entertainment; other activities, such as laser tag and bowling, will be added at a later stage.

The conference centre, having its old advantage and lacking in size and technology, losing its competitive advantage. A temporary structure, called "Sky Sun Village", was built in just over three months to replace the Convention Center. 11 months (until November 20) long enough to cover the conventions for the calendar year, while the new Convention Center is being built. The Sky Sun Village, which has been operating for 3 weeks, has full Wi-Fi coverage, state of the art fibre optic and wiring, induction heating, LED screens, built-in bar, UPS power backup and a large backup generator.

Once optimized, one of the ideas to reuse the structures of the Nedbank Golf Challenge, once optimized. The "Convention Center" is built on the top floor of the new Entertainment Center. Sun City catering services have been certified for over a year. Part of the renovations includes the construction of a Kosher Kitchen. The Sun Park was built as a replacement for the Super Bowl, a versatile semi-permanent building that can be adjusted to suit a specific event if the place or open space is required.