Blyde River Canyon

World’s Largest Green Canyon


The Blyde River Canyon is a section of the Panorama Route. It's an enormous chasm consisting of cliffs and rocky plains shaped peculiarly. Taking up most of the space in the chasm is the Blyde River - named after the Dutch word 'blij'. The remarkable surroundings of the Blyde River Canyon reminds one of the American Grand Canyon. During the past centuries, the river has eroded the cliff into a steep mountain range. It is the third-largest canyon in the world, after the Grand Canyon (USA) and the Fish River Canyon in Namibia, Africa. The canyon is the largest 'green canyon' two to its lush subtropical foliage, with the deepest precipitous cliffs of any canyon on the planet.

It ranks as one of the most spectacular sights in South Africa. The nature reserve offers more than 1,000 species of flora, of which nearly 20 species of cycads are endangered, and several beautiful waterfalls. On a clear day, you can see as Kruger National Park and Mozambique.

The impressive Panorama Route from Johannesburg to Hoedspruit leads you to the stunning landscape of the Canyon. You'll pass by the most breath-taking landscapes and vistas, such as Gods Window, The Pinnacle, The Potholes and the Blyde River Dam.

On the Panorama, you will also experience a wealth of plant life, including Klipspringers, Dassies, Gray Rhebuck, Oribi, Kudu, bushbuck, bush pigs, monkeys, bushbabies, Chacma baboons, Black-backed jackals and many species of birdlife, resident pairs of nesting eagles that might well look you in the eye.