Jackie Chan joins anti-poaching drive, debunks rhino myths


As the rhino poaching epidemic intensifies, anti-poaching initiatives are kicking it up a notch too broadening their scope to end the senseless slaughter.

In a most recent move, Hong Kong-based Hollywood actor, director and martial artist Jackie Chan joined the fight against poaching within a viral video for the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF).

The AWF post on Facebook also links to "Tell South Africa to say no to rhino horn trade", reaffirming that an incentive to kill rhino will lead to the species' extinction, regardless of SA's Department of Environmental Affairs believing differently.

The video shows the true price of purchasing rhino products - the militarized operation it requires and the precious lives it ends. It concludes saying that the buying stops, the killing will too.

The video sets out specifically to "debunk rhino horn myths and expose the atrocities behind the rhino horn trade," AWF says.

Southeast Asia's most important buyers of Channings and other illegal-products. They are effective to include a famous ambassador like Chan to back the anti-poaching initiatives.

In a previous anti-poaching drive for WildAid and the African Wildlife Foundation, Sir Richard Branson and other Chinese celebrities were filmed on their own nails to show the true value of rhino horn.

As it stands, there are less than 5 000 black rhinos left on Earth, and in 2016, a total of 1 054 rhino were poached in South Africa alone.

You can watch the video via the link below: