Kruger National Park - 5 interesting facts

Five interesting facts that you may not know about South Africa's Kruger National Park.


The Kruger National Park is one of South Africa's most important conservations, and one of our biggest tourist destinations. It has always been worth visiting.

But did you know ...

1) The Kruger National Park is the largest game reserve in Africa. It is 19.633 square kilometres, which is almost the size of Belgium!

2) The first ever motorist entered the park in 1927 and they paid only one pound.

3) 12 000 Elephants, 27 000 African Buffalo, and 1 000 Leopards call the park their home. 

4) The Kruger is a sub-tropical climate, with average temperatures above 25 degrees celcius. It is a great destination year-round, as each season brings something new. Winter (dry season) ensures good water at the waterholes, and summer (wet season) gives the possibility of seeing baby animals and migrating birds of the area.

5) The reserve has 21 rest camps as well as private lodges concessions and private luxury safari lodges ...


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