Hope for Horns

Walking 922km (573 miles) for Rhino Horn awareness


On the 1st May 2017 Daniel Fenton, a 23-year-old game Ranger started his walk of 922km. This 45 day walk from the beautiful Phinda Private Nature Reserve in Kwazulu Natal to Botswana Ramatlabama Border gate, is to raise awareness for a campaign called "Hope for Horns". This campaign focuses on the message that Rhino horns have NO medicinal value, with a hope for the illegal and brutal Rhino horn trade.

Daniel is walking the route that 100 Rhinos will be moved (relocated) from a high-risk area to South Africa, where he is still a terrible problem, to make a safer area in Botswana, which has the lowest poaching rate in Africa. The relocation of these rhinos started in 2015, their final destinations are mostly top-secret, ensuring their safety. Daniel's will hopefully assist in raising the funds needed to continue to relocate these majestic animals.

Daniel Fenton is proudly South African, and another wonderful example of a country doing everything possible for his natural wonders and endangered species.