Always spectacular!


So you want to go on a safari, somewhere you will be seeing plenty of wildlife, but your friends are not getting up anyway? Try Botswana, it is always spectacular!


Chobe National Park in the North West of Botswana is a phenomenal 10,689 square kilometres! It boasts one of the densest populations of elephants in Africa, with herds so large you actually feel the ground tremor. With such dense herds, you are bound to see an elephant, right?


Actually, in the rainy season, they can be a bit elusive, as they do to the river for water. Having said that, you will most definitely not be short on wildlife to photograph. Take a boat ride on the Savuti River, and you will find yourself with the biggest freshwater crocodiles


Chobe has four of the big five (Rhino's excluded), giraffes, and a host of antelope, including the Puku, unique to the area. But, the unique beauty of the Chobe National Park in the rainy season is the abundance of birdlife, including the Fish Eagle's, which often caught fish in the river after the rains.


Take a look at our tours of Botswana, including Stars; Botswana, Southern Cross and More, as well as Botswana: Wonderful Lights in the Dark. The Chobe National Park may also be included as a day trip from Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe).


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