The Social Tourist

The impact that Social Media has on Tourism


It is no secret that social media has exploded into the world of tourism. In the last decade, social media, with all its photo uploading, instant messaging and tagging Providing a word of mouth marketing in a digital age where one person can reach thousands of potential clients. With this in mind, More & More Africa has explored some of the ways in which our tourism industry have been impacted.

Firstly, every traveller now has the opportunity to voice their feedback on multiple platforms, creating both formal and informal reviews. This is the first of many tourists. This is the word to speak about and to share with each other. This is a possible outcome of a fantastic laugh in enhanced customer care and experience with customer satisfaction.

Secondly, a new "travel agent" has emerged. Not one with an office you can visit, but also for individual fans, contacts and followers instant impressions of the remotest areas on the planet This has resulted in an industry not just being directed by Tour Operators and Agents, but actively travelling "social celebrities"

Lastly, this accelerating social media directory of the industry has rendered any company not joining obsolete and inaccessible. By linking social media to loyalty programs.

It is impossible to know the future, but for certain social media will evolve into unexpected ways. Find us on Facebook, join us on Instagram and let us know your thoughts, on our tours, blogs and services. More & More Africa, moving into the future together.