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More and More Africa is a company with a staff of qualified people behind a wealth of experience and decades of culture in the travel industry. Many customers call us the latest holiday tailors, as we are able to customize and arrange any trip to suit every client’s unique needs. This is a strong motivating factor, as we believe that a positive judgment given by you is crucial! More and More Africa will always be at your disposal for any information, queries and support. Please, don't hesitate contact us!

On our website we aim to give you an idea of what the company can offer you, by means of a few packaged offers. These modules have been created to give you the soft touch of a dream that you could realize with few easy clicks. We offer you the possibility to visit fantastic places around Africa with its surreal destinations. We can model every kind of trip and tour ad hoc and personalize them depending on your needs. It is a simple beginning to an unforgettable adventure!

A brief note about our logo...

The logo represents the whole continent of Africa, its unique color palette. The position of the range focuses on the countries where we offer our experience.

Why choose us?

More and More Africa is a South African DMC based in Cape Town. We manage people from Europe as well as all over the world. What language do you speak (English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Indian, Mandarin, Japanese, Arabic)?  We can assist you with a guide who will speak your language, because nothing is impossible! We can respond to all your unique needs regarding travels around Africa. Our knowhow comes from a high level of experience gained over 30 years.

We want to be close to you through direct contact, preparing each package with our special experience and expertise.

We can offer group tours and set departures, but we can also organize your requirements ad hoc, drawing upon our 30 years of knowledge to suggest the right destinations and adventures. We have divided all packages with emotively descriptive sections, because each traveler should choose the unique experience they desire in their heart.

"A travel chosen with the heart could change your life!"

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